TCS Ninja Aptitude Questions

🎧 TCS Ninja Aptitude Questions

The TCS Ninja profile is a coveted software engineering position offered by Tata Consultancy Services with an attractive package of more than INR 3 lakhs. The package is higher for post-graduates. With so many success stories ever year, we wanted to share such a cherishing experience from Noida.

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Time and Distance Aptitude

Problems related to time and distance are important for the TCS Ninja exam. For example, the problem might state that a person walks at a particular speed for some duration. The person then changes his speed and walks for some duration and covers a particular distance which is given. The question will now ask us to find these different durations. The question provides one example with different duration and different speeds, using which we can frame equations and apply them to this unknown situation given to us. Such questions on time and distance often tend to form multiple equations. I practiced these types of questions from various aptitude tests and made sure I was able to solve them comfortably. I also came across situations when instead of a person walking, the vehicles were like a car or a train or an airplane. In many of the cases the question was related to changing or accelerating speed of the vehicle. The questions frequently become complex if the vehicles were accelerating or in a constant state of decreasing speed. In such cases, the equations did not remain a linear equation, but often we had to apply the acceleration formulas in time and distance. Solving such problems where acceleration or a rate of change of motion of the bodies are concerned will take time. But it is important to remember for the TCS Ninja exam time is the most valuable thing for the candidate. So one must practice enough so that they can quickly solve such problems in limited time during the exam.

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Become a TCS Ninja with Good Aptitude Skills

Advanced Time and Distance

The problems related to time and distance can be a variety of different types. There can be various real life different scenarios that can be presented to the candidates during the TCS Ninja exam. Let’s assume there is a person who is driving a car with a constant speed and he sees a mile marker with two digits. After travelling for a particular duration, he again sees the same 2 digits mile marker, but in this case the digits are in the reverse order. On further driving, the man then sees a third marker where it has the same digits, but it has an extra digit in between them. The question now asks us to find the speed of the car and choose from a given set of options. In such types of problems it is often advisable to start from the options being given. The options given often help to solve the equations that we may be forming much faster than if we would have solved them without the options. I tried to solve various different types of such questions so that I’m ready for any kind of question that the interviewer might ask during the TCS Ninja Aptitude exam. This assessment test of TCS evaluates and selects the best candidates, and so I knew that the exam will not be easy for us. What would have happened if instead of the mile marker, it would have been another car or some other object of a different color that we would have to consider for our equations?

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Number System Questions

There can be various different types of problems involving the number system, where the sum of the digits of a number come into play. For example, the question may provide two numbers and say that these numbers, when divided by a particular number, leaves a remainder that is mentioned. Now we have to find the value of that particular number. Many of the times in such types of questions the hints may be in the remainder that is mentioned. Is there something special about the reminder that is mentioned in the question? Is the remainder a prime number? How does this affect the divisibility of the number? If the number has a particular remainder, then if we subtract the remainder from that number, the number would be completely divisible by our required number. Using such logics and applying the variables whenever required, I’ll learn how to solve these types of problems. I wanted to make sure that the TCS interviewer cannot present me any trick questions from the number system that I was not completely ready about. I made sure that I practice various types of such problems regarding divisibility rules of different numbers, their reminders and how to handle them. Many of the times the divisibility rules were very complex when the numbers became large, but with enough practice I managed to remember many of them successfully. Having a notebook with all my formulas in one place helped me a lot in regular revising.

Probability Aptitude Questions

The questions asked in TCS often include problems on probability theory. What would be the probability for a given scenario? Candidates are required to answer these questions using proper logic. For example, if five people throw their five dice simultaneously, what will be the probability that they all have the same number? Problems of this kind always require that we approach it from a real life perspective. We should not limit our thinking to only the formulas that we have learnt. Many times we will realize that we are able to solve problems on probability without actually using the formulas that we have learnt in the books. With enough practice we will develop a sense of expertise where we will be able to predict the answers whenever we are poised with such a type of a question with a real world scenario. The questions on probability can be asked on various games and sports that we are familiar with in our day to day lives. Hence, it is often important and advisable to observe all the possibilities around us and see what kind of situation that the interviewer might ask us questions from. Often it is advisable to ask ourselves what would I do if the interviewer asked me a question about this situation that I’m currently in right now? Being constantly aware of our surroundings will help us prepare better for the TCS Ninja exam. I knew that the questions on probability may not be the same as what I have practiced, and so I tried to keep myself ready for unknown and new situations that the questions might come from.

Time and Work Questions

Questions on time and work are important for the TCS Ninja exam. The question might mention that one person can do a specific work in a particular duration. A second person can do the same work in some different duration, and there is a third person who can do the same work in another different amount of time. Now the question might tell us that if all three of them were to start working at a specific time, what happens when one of them stops working before the work is finished and the remaining persons complete the entire work? How long would it take? Let’s add some more complexity to it. How long would it take if another person left the work before the work is completely finished? Imagine under a lot of pressure during the aptitude exam you have to solve this question. How fast can you solve it? I made sure that I was comfortable in various different types of such problems and that it did not consume me much energy during the actual exam. I wanted to save most of my energy for the harder problems, for which I might not have prepared. I want it to be completely confident of these types of problems, and so I made sure I practice a lot of these questions. I created my own problems and I added more people who left in the middle of the work. I always try to solve these types of problems at a very good speed because speed is important in this type of aptitude test and I was aware of it.

Efficiency in Time and Work

While preparing for the time and work problems, sometimes there can be scenarios where one person is more efficient than the other person. In such cases of different efficiencies, sometimes we may be provided the duration in which all three of the persons when working together can complete the work. We will have to find out in how much duration one of those persons can complete that work. In this type of questions we will have to find out how much work can be done by each of them individually in one day. If we subtract the individual values of duration from the total that was given, we will be able to find out how much time is required by one of those persons to complete the total work. For the TCS Ninja exam, having an efficient and sound understanding of such types of time and work problems is extremely important. I tried to prepare myself very well and be able to solve such problems very fast so that I did not miss the opportunity to score good marks in this section of the main exam. I knew that time and what problems are important. I also knew that the examining scan from various different types of complex scenarios on this topic. If the number of workers increases, then easily we can make this type of problem very complex. The problem can be made even more tougher by making some of the workers leave in the middle of the work. In such cases we have to calculate the efficiency as well as the portion of the work that is remaining. The remaining portion of the work then has to be completed by the remaining workers. Solving such types of complex problems in a limited time is an important skill of this exam.

Profit and Loss Problems

The various different types of problems in profit and loss are also important for the TCS Ninja exam. For example, if a dealer buys a product for a particular price, and he sells it at a discount of a particular percentage, and gets a profit of a particular given percentage. What will be the selling price? In such cases, we will see that there may be certain values given in the question that are only to confuse us. Here we can see that it does not matter what price he sold it at. The fact that we are given a profit percentage is enough to figure out the selling price. So we will have to be ready and make sure that we are not getting scared in seeing the size of a big problem where many of the values might not be useful to us. Need to be aware and figure out the values that we need and proceed cautiously and attentively towards the answer. The problems on profit and loss can be made more complex if there is an amount of weight involved in the product being sold. If a dishonest shopkeeper starts to play around with the weight of the product, then accordingly he can make a different amount of profit. The amount of discount may be given on a particular price that may have been discounted earlier. So we have to figure out iteratively what is the actual price in case of multiple discounts. Questions of such kind seem to be daunting at first, but with patiently approaching them, such problems can be solved by using variables or without as well. I knew I had to score good marks in the TCS Aptitude Assessment exam and so I kept on practicing to improve my speed in this type of questions.

Advanced Number System

Questions on the number system are always a favorite area for the TCS interviewer. For example, the question may mention that out of a set of numbers, the average of the first few numbers is equal to the average of the last few numbers. Then what is the sum of the last few numbers? In this type of problem it is important to remember how average works. Averages calculated by the sum of a specific set of numbers divided by how many numbers were counting. Hence, if we are given the average of a specific set of numbers, and how many numbers are there, we should be able to find out the sum of that specific set of numbers. This type of problem can be made much larger and more complex by adding a huge set of numbers which have a huge value of some and average. But with step by step approach we should be able to figure out the correct answer if we apply the correct formulas at every step. I was always scared of number system type problems. There is no end to how much knowledge of the number system may be required for any aptitude exam. The sky is the limit for the examiner who is setting the questions for the candidates. Still, I practiced from various resources and tried my best to remember all the different concepts of the number system. It is important not to miss out the important concepts of the number system while practicing. Especially series and divisibility related concepts are very important for the TCS assessment exam.

Team Work Problems

Another type of problem in time and work is when every individual is assigned a particular work and we have to find the total work that can be done by them. The efficiencies of each one of the members is different. The individuals may be working in pairs. The efficiencies of the pairs are different. In such cases, we have to frame different equations to assign the relations that are given to us. We have to narrow down the values on how much work can be done by each of them in a particular day. Then, based on the work that has to be done, we have to find the number of days that they will take. The number of equations that need to be formed might easily become three or more. If there are multiple workers, the number of equations will increase. It is important to remember in this type of questions that we have to try and simplify the equations gradually. As we gradually simplify the equations more and more, finally we will be able to find out how many days they will take to perform how much work. Based on that we will be able to answer any kind of question related to the given problem. While practicing the time and work problems, I realized what can happen if it was mixed with fractions and complex numbers as well. The logic can become so overwhelming that I was skeptical if I would be able to solve this question in the limited time given during the exam. I made sure my speed was at par to solve the simple problems of time and work. Because if my speed is good for the simple problems, I would be able to solve the medium and hard complexity problems in an acceptable amount of time during the main exam. Having a good understanding of all kinds of time and work logics is important for the TCS Ninja exam.

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