How to prepare for TCS Digital Aptitude?

๐ŸŽง How to prepare for TCS Digital Aptitude?

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TCS Digital Preparation

The TCS Digital profile is very attractive to all of us. I wanted to be a part of it. I knew I had to prepare to be among the toppers. I was good in English, but I needed practice in aptitude. I also did not want to miss out any opportunity in English. So, I knew I had to practice it more. The TCS Digital exam also includes programming questions. I was good in C programming, but I needed to brush up my Java skills. I took various online practice tests to improve my C skills as well. I revisited my old Java projects. I had created a few Java projects when I was in college with my friends. Without a proper environment, many of those projects were not working right now. But I had all the codes and the files with me. I took a copy of those codes and re-created my own system again. This helped me brush up my skills. I also started adding new features. Adding the new features helped me keep my interest. But I knew that TCS interviewer will ask me many tough questions. So, I kept on reading and finding out what more difficult questions can come. I wanted to know what my knowledge is. How much harder could it get? Will I be able to answer? Am I a mediocre candidate or one of the better ones?

TCS Digital Mental Strength

I knew there were various resources online to practice aptitude. But I also knew that the questions in the exam will not be familiar. So, I started looking for unique questions. Questions that I would not find anywhere else. Most of the questions I found online where same across many other sites. So, it was a difficult search for me. But the concepts are helpful. And I made sure my concepts were clear. I did not want to be in any doubt of my knowledge. So, I tried to solve one problem in various ways. For example, in permutation and combination, there are seating arrangement questions. These questions can be solved in the TCS Digital exam in various ways. But answer must be the same. So, I tried to make sure that I get the correct answer always. My speed was at par with mediocre. I wanted to improve my speed. So, I tried to solve the same problem multiple times in different ways, but in lesser time. As my speed improved, I tried to solve more complex problems. But the time taken increased again. So, I had to repeat my speed improvement techniques again. This was becoming very exhaustive for me. But I knew that the TCS Digital exam is tough. I also reminded myself of the package. I also reminded myself only few candidates will succeed. These thoughts helped me stay motivated.

Permutation, Combination

In another type of permutation question, there can be a tournament with multiple participants who compete against each other. In the TCS digital exam it can be asked, if 3 participants fell ill in the middle, then how many matches were played? In such cases, we have to consider a variable as the initial number of participants. Then we have to use the combination functions to find the new number of participants. We will see if the total number of matches played is 75, the number of players initially is 15. I wondered what I would do if instead of this question I was posed with a different scenario. Would I be able to relate that new scenario with this question? How would I know what formula to apply? Then I realized I should not give up my real-life instincts. I should be able to predict the answer. With my average level of intelligence, then I can apply the formulas to come close to the answer. I only hoped I can apply the formulas under pressure in the TCS Digital exam. I knew I had to handle pressure. Under pressure, I keep forgetting many of the formulas that I used to know. So much of preparation will become risky if I get under pressure and start forgetting. I tried not to fall in a loop of constant pressure and panic. What would happen if I forgot the formula of combination and permutation in the TCS Digital exam? How would I then answer the problems I thought I can easily solve? The only thing that came to my mind is practice. With enough practice, even pressure will not be able to affect me.

TCS Digital Real-life Problem

Another type of problem I came across for my TCS Digital examination preparation on permutation and combination was on a tennis match. A mixed doubles tennis game is to be played between two teams. Each team consists of 1 male and 1 female. There are 4 married couples. No team is to consist of a husband and his wife. What is the maximum number of games that can be played? The answer is 42. I realized I had to assign various variables. Then what happens to one team I found. The same will happen to all the other teams. Since every match includes two teams, so the number of matches will be divided by 2. This is an interesting problem that I thought I should be able to answer in the TCS digital exam if it came. I thought to myself instead of a tennis match could this be any other sports? If it was in another sport, what scenario could it be? As a TCS interviewer, what would I want to ask to the candidate? What is the possible area that they can struggle in? I did not want to confuse the candidates so much that they cannot answer the question. But I wanted to ensure that they had a logical analytical ability. This is the main purpose of an aptitude test, after all.

TCS Digital Tactical Guide

Preparing for the permutation and combination questions was one of the major tasks for me. I was comfortable in number system and percentages. I was also comfortable in geometry and mensuration. Problems on LCM and HCF were okay for me too. The rate of flow water flowing through a cylindrical pipe did not scare me. A car driving north and suddenly turning east and then again north and again west did not scare me. I was okay in mechanics. I love cycling. So, problems on speed and time and distance was like the palm of my hand. Only when some objects started accelerating did I break a sweat. What would happen if someone varied their speed again and again? How will the time change? How much distance can they cover? The problem becomes much more complex in such cases. Most of the books I found did not cover the advanced questions. So, I sometimes created problems of my own. I took a simple problem and made it complex. I wanted to see what I can do with it. How much time would I take if the problem became complex? Would I be still be able to solve the problem at the same time? How can I improve my speed for the TCS Digital exam? There will be so many questions that I have to answer in the exam in a limited time.

TCS Digital Aptitude Techniques

For the TCS Digital exam, I came across some interesting problems. A frog tries to come out of a dried well 4.5 m deep with slippery walls. Every time the frog jumps 30 centimeters, it slides down 15 centimeters. What is the number of jumps required for the frog to come out of the well? So, we can see the resultant height climbed in every jump is 15 centimeters. So, if we divide 450 centimeters by 15 centimeters, the result is 30. But in the 28th jump, the frog has reached 420 centimeters. So, in the 29th jump, the frog reaches the top. And it stops jumping. Hence the number of jumps required is 29. Now, how many candidates will choose 30 as an answer to this question? Why will they choose 30? Is it because they’re following the logic? Should they not think about it from a real-life perspective? I thought to myself, how many questions can I miss if I did not think like this? There’s no limit to the number of questions that can be framed with such scenarios. Enough amount of practice only can make one ready for this type of questions. It is important not to lose a view of the world around us while doing such problems. TCS Digital exam often have questions from real life along with the formulas. It is important to know how to apply the formulas in real life. This results in a holistic learning.

TCS Digital Mensuration, Geometry

What is an ellipse? Let’s say the area of an ellipse is twice that of a circle. And the major diameter of the ellipse is twice that of the minor diameter. Now the question will be what is the relation of the radius of the circle with the ellipse? In such cases, we have to consider different variables to form a relation between the circle and the ellipse. Ultimately, at the end we will see the radius of the circle is 50% of the minor diameter of the ellipse. In such type of questions in the TCS Digital exam, we need to be aware of what an ellipse is. What is the major diameter? What is a minor diameter? What does an ellipse look like? When I was studying, I had a notebook with all the details of different shapes. Each of the shapes had different formulas of their own. It was important for me to remember all the different formulas. I knew there can be a question from any of these formulas. If I missed to remember any one of them, I may not be able to answer one question. So, I tried to revise these formulas daily. Even if I could not solve problems on these formulas daily, I made sure I revise them. Revising them repeatedly made me remember these formulas of different shapes much better. The formulas which had fractions in them were especially tough sometimes. In such cases, where I face difficulty, I reminded myself that it should be difficult not only for me, but for everyone.

TCS Digital Harder Problems

Another type of question in the TCS Digital exam can be related to volume. For example, if one liter of water weighs 1 kilogram, then how many cubic millimeters of water will weigh 0.1 gram? The correct answer is 100. This is one of the simplest types of problems. It may not exactly come like this in the TCS Digital exam, but it can be a small part of a much more complex problem. The reason why problems of such kind are often popular, is because it is easy to miss the number of zeros in the answer. There will be a second and third part to the question for sure. In the TCS Digital exam. But if we incorrectly find the answer to the first part, the next parts will obviously be affected. I tried to improve myself so that I can solve such problems in seconds. I should be able to solve such problems without breaking a sweat. The TCS Digital exam finds the best. I need it to be the best version of myself. Conversion of different values from one to another should be a breeze for me. I also tried to remember the density and refractive index of various materials. After some time, I knew I may be stressing myself out too much. So, after some time, I kept a note of all the things that I try to learn and took some rest. I realized that with rest the brain will be able to process all the information and save them effectively.

TCS Digital Probability

Questions on probability are important for the TCS Digital exam. We may be given samples and a specific characteristic value of a product. To find the samples which meet a particular characteristic value, we have to divide the number of those particular samples by the total number of samples. Accordingly, we can find the probability. For probability questions I found it important that I do not miss out any scenario. To be able to solve probability problems, it is important to know all the formulas of probability. Effective use of the formulas of probability will take us towards the answer. With such small steps, eventually we will be able to figure out the actual answer. There can be many tough problems based on probability. I practiced a lot from my 10th and 12th standard books. I made sure to revise again and again so that I remember the formulas. There can be questions on coins as well. Or maybe a dice. There will be different scenarios that we have to consider in probability questions. Logical understanding of these different scenarios is important to find the answer. Most of these scenarios are from real life around us daily. I also sometimes tried to frame questions of my own and relate them to probability formulas. If I was not able to solve the problem, I tried to change some facts and see why it is difficult. Such trial and error made me realize the actual logics of probability.

TCS Digital Divisibility

Questions on divisibility form an important part of the TCS Digital exam. The divisibility rule of 3 is especially important. For example, in the TCS Digital exam, it can be mentioned a number n greater than 3 is divisible by 3, but not divisible by 6. Then out of the following options, which one is divisible by 4? The correct answer is 3n + 1. For this question, we need to know the rule of divisibility of 6. A number is divisible by 6 if it is divisible by 3 and also 2. So, an integer which is divisible by 3 and not 6 must be an odd integer divisible by 3. So, the only option we can find is that n is 9, not 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8. Hence 3n + 1 = 28 is divisible by 4. Such questions on the number system are important for the TCS Digital exam. There is no end to the number of unique questions that can be presented from this topic. The only way one can be confident in this topic is with lot of practice. I kept on practicing as much as I could. I tried to remember the divisibility rules of most of the numbers. Some of them were more difficult than the other. I kept making notes of them and revisiting them every day. Eventually my hard work paid off. I was able to solve most of the complex questions in the final exam. There is no substitute to practice. If you want to be among the best, you need to be the best version of yourself.

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