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The General category includes questions we ask in all TCS interviews, including Digital, Ninja, NQT profiles.


The Quantitative Aptitude skill is mandatory for any aspiring candidate, especially for Digital, Ninja, NQT profiles.

Logical Reasoning

The blend of Logical Reasoning with assessment techniques, especially for Digital, Ninja and NQT profiles.

Data Interpretation
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Interpret insightful data from advanced interview questions, especially helpful for Digital, Ninja, NQT profiles.

Verbal Ability
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The English assessment ensures mandatory communication skills, especially for Digital, Ninja, NQT profiles.

About TCS
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The knowledge you need to answer questions about the organization you want to join. A must for aspirants.

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The widely used database query language is one of the most common topics we love to ask you about.

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The knowledge of one of the most user-friendly and flexible programming languages under scanner.

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The Database Management System is mandatory for key knowledge of managing a database.


Your Python skills demonstrate you are on the track and ready for the next generation of technologies.

Software Engineering

Questions on software engineering are guaranteed for every interview and carries weighted marks.


Various aspects of OOP help us assess an individual. It shows if you are ready for the domain we want you to fit in.

Data Structures

The Data Structures questions allow us maximum flexibility to frame questions for candidate evaluation.


The all encompassing programming language of C provides us a vast playing ground of logics.


The platform resiliency and dominance of Java is a key area we always want to focus on whenever possible.


The Unix category includes questions for a professional experienced in Unix and Linux programming.


The Tableau category includes questions expected for a Data Visualization specialist working on Tableau.

Power BI

The Power BI category includes questions for a Data Visualization professional who loves DAX.

Business Analyst

The key role that BAs play in our industry, we love to hear from you and help us grow achieve even greater heights.

Program Manager

The ultimate skills we want from you to help deliver successful projects. If you are ready, we are waiting for you.


We want in you the 5 key values of TCS, Leading change, Integrity, Respect for individual, Excellence, Learning and sharing.

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TCS Interview Questions

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